Tips to Encourage Positive Behavior in Classrooms

Tips to Encourage Positive Behavior in ClassroomsOne of the profound challenges that teachers face these days is – classroom behavior. Disruptive behavior results in lost teaching time and un-conducive learning environment. The key to nipping behavioral problems in the bud; is to create a positive environment in classroom.There are a lot of ways and means to encourage positive behavior in classrooms, but, to begin with – laying a good foundation in pupils is the most important aspect.

Here are some tips and guidelines to bring about positive behavior amongst students.


This is one of the most important regimen which a teacher can deploy to bring about order, discipline and attentiveness in a class. A teacher should resist from conducting a class until there is complete order restored. Persistence is one of the fundamental and effective tools, which a teacher can use to get the class to behave.


Students should ideally live up to the expectations of teachers. It is the duty of the teachers to ensure that students behave in a manner appropriate and

How To Study Maths

How To Study MathsMaths is considered to be one of the most scoring subjects. Some students love it, while there are many who hate to study this subject. It is important for students to have some proficiency in this subject as most courses include some level of mathematics and almost every profession uses it in some or the other way on a daily basis.

Many students find maths difficult as they don’t know the right way to study it to get good results. Maths is a subject which requires time and patience to master. There are several tips through which you can easily solve everyday math problems.

Practice – Maths cannot be studied by just reading and listening. It is all about practice. The more you practice, the better it will be. There can be a number of ways of solving one math problem. Before taking any exam, it is important that you have solved a lot of problems beforehand. It is important to master one topic before moving on to the next topic.

Learn the Basics – Never try to memorize the process

Understanding The Difference Between Reading And Learning

Understanding The Difference Between Reading And LearningHow often has this happened to you? You study a book diligently. You pour over read page, reading at a comfortable pace. You spend hours reading the material, and the very next day you can’t remember what you read. All you can remember is, “I just read this information yesterday. Why can’t I recall it?” This article will explain what is causing this problem, and a simple solution you can easily implement will be covered in my next article.

The problem you are experiencing is directly related to how your brain processes text. Did you know that your brain can only process about seven facts at a time? This seven chunk processing limit was determined at the start of the last century. When the phone company first went into business they needed to know what is the largest phone number an average person can easily remember and recall. After all, the larger the number of digits that can be stored in memory, the more phone numbers the phone company would have available to sell.

Select Trusted Cash Advance Loan Company for You Loan

Cash advance loan is often considered as the bad credit loan. Why? People might think it is even worse than bank loan due to the high interest that it has. However, there is something that you did not know about. It can actually bring you benefit to get out of your financial problem. For your information, cash advance loan may be the solution for those who need quick cash. In this case, it might be better than applying to a bank or any financial institution. It is quick and easy so that you do not have to wait for long time to get the cash.

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Key Elements of a Good School

We have to send our children to school; it is the law. However, what happens to our children when they attend school is a concern for many parents. What are our children learning? Will they be safe? These and many more questions concerning the operations of the school prevails in the minds of many parents.

When parents drop their children off to school they walk away with many mental concerns churning in their heads. Putting all of the concerns together the prevailing factor focuses on, the elements of a good school and whether or not the school their children attend has those elements.

Many parents come together to help promote their children’s school to an A+ status. They meet weekly in the form of Parent Teacher Association or Parent Teacher Organization. Within these meetings parents with children that attend the school plan events to raise funds for school supplies and equipment. They meet to strategize about the best safety measures for the school. They discuss how best to attend and give input in state meetings on the school regulations. They work in partnership with the principal, teachers, and staff to help put in place the

Helping Boys to Read

There is much discussion about the need to do more to help boys to read. It is well known that boys are slower readers than girls and later to start reading for pleasure, and it is the opinion of experts that the beginning of self-motivated reading out of interest is the break-through point in education, irrespective of the reader’s career aspirations. Reading is the essential tool for all courses of higher education. Complete fluency with lack of conscious effort is only achieved after many hours with books that capture the imagination. The challenge to teachers, authors and parents is how to generate the fascination to motivate that first stumble into a jungle full of long words and unfamiliar expressions, with the incentive to press on to the end no matter how many times the progress is interrupted.

Young people in the twenty-first century spend hours looking at screens on a variety of electronic devices from computers to mobile telephones. It is playing games that captures the young imagination and at first these involve only pictures and patterns. However, observant parents have reported that their children reach a point where they notice that there is writing on

A Teacher’s Role in Innovation

What does the trampoline, popsicles, braille, the Oink-a-Saurus App, and wristies have in common? Well, they were all invented by kids (Perman). Regardless of age, race, disability, or economic status the ability to become an innovator lies within. As educators we have the responsibility to educate and prepare students, all students, for their future, which can be the ultimate challenge when no one knows what the future will hold. The only consistency is knowing that each student will have a different future and this world, as we know it, will be drastically different in 20 years. While studying innovation, through an educator’s perspective, I’ve realized there are several roles we can play in order to inspire innovation but two really stand out: we can encourage and teach professional skills.

The initial role as an educator is to inspire and encourage innovation by never underestimating the creative intuition of anyone, especially a child. Teachers have the opportunity to boost a child’s confidence or destroy it. By merely saying “oh, that’s awesome” or giving a disbelieving look, the actions of a teacher can permanently influence a child. Self-confidence is initially learned through others’ positive motivation, and a teacher’s voice

Give Your Students A Little Prod

Teaching is a noble profession and what a joy to see students hold our understanding in their eyes. In their success we find our own and so to them you give your all. Words are easier than bold actions. I believe teachers want the best for students and that is the reason for setting behavioral objectives to help learners achieve success in their three domains of learning.The relationship between student’s actual terminal behavior and pupil’s expected terminal behavior is an index of the success or failure of the lesson.

Difficult students challenge us especially when the learner is resistance to change. Why bother when you see students drop out of school. Drop outs feel they have no value when they see no supporting strength coming from others. After all, you were committed to teaching effectively. The blame is shifted on students who failed to do their part. I agree students’ have a personal responsibility to get involved in order to achieve great success. However, from my perspective, learners accomplishment depends on teachers leadership style. How can you tell the difference? Authoritative teachers make learners timid. They believe students can perform under the sanctions of punishment. They

A New Perspective on Teaching and Learning

One of the best pieces of advice that I have heard as a teacher was “to be careful not to teach like you were taught.” That was easier said than done. After all, it worked for me and others. However, the time has come to recognize that the teacher is not the only source of information in the classroom. Students learn more than content in the classroom. The teachers also teach more than content. The teacher and the students’ personalities, values and belief systems affect the teaching and learning process. The environment including the advancement and accessibility of technology also play a role in the process.

I recalled as a French teacher in a particular setting, many students preferred Google Translation on their cellular device over the hard copy bilingual dictionary. I would have preferred that they used the dictionary. Why? I am one that values holistic learning. The dictionary is a rich valuable resource; it offers so much more than a translation- and in this case Google translation is sometimes out of context. I realize that it takes more time to look up a word in a dictionary/thesaurus versus Google Translation. My students seemed to value

Educational Tips for Government, Parents, Teachers and Students


EDUCATION! A word that animates my face whenever I hear it. According to Google, education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits. Well, to me, education is the learning about new ideas, places and the world itself.

There is a great difference between being literate and being educated; the ability to read and write is being literate while being educated is to be able to reason, to use your ability to read and write to your advantage.

We ask ourselves sometimes, why is education important, education is very important in our day-to-day activities, I strongly believe that by the time you are through with this article, you would be able to see the importance of education.

First and foremost, being educated makes a person happy. An educated person has little or no job insecurity, no inferiority complex as he/she would be able to defend his/her word anywhere and anytime due to his well organized understanding of the world. Truly, education is not the key to happiness, but it is definitely the key to a lot of other things which come together to

Do Students Need to Build Basic Math Skills for Successful Academics

These subjects are incomplete without the application of Math. Students who have strong basic Math skills are able to excel in these subjects and do the subjects without struggle due to their prior Math knowledge.

Math plays a key role in real life situations also. This world is considered to be a mathematical world. People with a fundamental knowledge of Math are able to tackle situations like checking bank balance, checking bills in grocery shop and other such situations with ease and quickness.

So, building basic Math skills is a necessary activity for students. There are reasons why students should do so.

As mentioned above, a grasp of the basic Math skills helps students meet their real life situations with efficiency. They are able to run their life smoothly without breaking their head over simple calculations they need to do in their mundane activities.

Academically speaking, a strong base of Math skills helps students pursue advanced educational courses with confidence. When they take up courses which are related to Math at an advanced level of their studies, they are able to approach the subject without struggle. They find Math related topics easy to

Top 5 Tips To Score Top Marks In Statistics Exams

Some subjects hold the unique distinction of being different from the usual ones. Accounting and statistics are good examples of such subjects. When a student looks at statistics for the first time, the terminology in itself is enough to confuse him/her and scare them away! However, by following a few tips and strategies, students can surely pull themselves together and master this intensely difficult subject and secure top marks! Here are a few top tips for students to achieve success in their statistics exams and score the coveted A grade.

Read through the given data and write down the essentials

When given a problem, students should read through it more than once and write down the essentials before attempting to solve it. This is a good practise not only when it comes to statistics but also for other subjects like math, accounting and physics. In fact, this is a popularly recommended practise by expert teachers in the subject. When students seek statistics homework help online, this is the very first thing that they are taught to do.

Be careful while reading from graphs and images

While reading from graphs, it is important to

Instructional Strategies for Math Students

Math is a subject that many students struggle with, boys and girls alike frequently cannot seem to overcome the fundamentals of math. To begin, very few students get a proper foundation for math. Sure, they learn the concept of addition and subtraction; they memorize their multiplication tables and learn to apply division. However, the logic behind math evades many students from elementary to high school. In secondary classrooms, students mainly learn the rules and blindly follow them. Consequently, many students will not excel in math and when they attend postsecondary schools, they must take remedial math and ultimately their college algebra grades are below average.

Having a qualified teacher to lay a good math foundation, a good understanding of the rules as they apply to mathematical functions, can make an enormous difference but sometimes this never happens in your child’s academic life span. If for whatever reason a skilled math teacher never taught your child and as a result he struggles with math, do not despair there are many avenues to help him overcome this difficulty. What is a parent to do? The best move is to be proactive and seek different math venues to help

Math Games to Make Your Kids Love Mathematics

You might have remembered the day when you have received a hard yelling from your math teacher for not finishing the math homework. If not, then there might be many other people who would have remembered the same day in their life. Like those days, today also there are many kids who are afraid of the Mathematics.

This is unfortunate that even many kids today are unable to understand the right concept of the mathematics. There are kids who are very good in other subjects, but somehow frightened with mathematics. This subject has always said to be the toughest subject to learn at schools and there is a psychological panic in kids for mathematics.

There is no doubt that mathematics is tough to learn, but with the right approach and proper guidance, it can be learned easily. Many children’s who are good at learning the other subjects are unable to learn the mathematics. This is most important for the parents and teachers to help children’s learning mathematics beyond the school textbooks.

Mathematics is the subject that kids can easily learn by practicing it more. First, they need a good teacher to help them learning the

Can A Student Bring His Best When Left To Learn At His Pace

Learning is a pleasant experience and it is not just school lessons that teach you all good things in life. Life is a great teacher and the experiences in life bring forth valuable lessons that make one wonder at the ways of the world and knowledge gathered through them.

Still, one needs some systemization in learning lessons from life as he could not pick up each and every detail from life’s exposure. Hence, we find the establishment of schools with their curriculum containing languages, Math, Science and Social sciences which are but interpretations of life.

The question arises, when a student learns the values of life through these prescribed subjects, should he be restricted in his learning within the four walls of a classroom or should he be given freedom to learn at his pace. It is not just in terms of tests, assignments and homework that a student’s knowledge can be tested but it is more than that and it is the interest he has for gathering knowledge in his topics.

Practical approaches and allowing students to learn at their pace should be made possible in every classroom without just taking them through

Why It’s Important to Nourish a Child’s Education

Over 2.05 million students are now learning at home instead of in a classroom. The reasons why is a shocking 73% who say they are doing homeschool because they are dissatisfied with how public schools are being ran.

Most parents don’t think twice when August rolls around and it’s time for kids to go back to school. Many parents work during the day, and they have to pay for a babysitter during their work week. I’ve even seen it so bad that a single woman was completely broke after paying her bare minimum bills, the babysitter, and gas. That would definitely be the con in having your children attend public school. Another con would be that you have to worry about bullying. Watching the news every day you’ll see Elementary students shooting up schools and things like that are pretty scary. The biggest pro when it comes to having your child in a public school is the fact that a teacher, who spent many hours in school learning to teach children of that age spent the entire day with your little angels.

Well, what kind of profession will my child go into if they stay

Spring College Search Tips

Whether you should look at private colleges/universities or look at public colleges/universities?

Conquering college searches

You should be looking at both the private institutions and the public institutions in performing your college/research in order to cover your entire basis. The process of finding the right fit for you academically, financially and to find a good match for your personality, you must do your due diligence with the utmost scrutiny and perseverance. A thorough college search will save you undue stress and headache in the long run. In the process of looking for the right fit for you, you need to look at private institutions and public institutions. This is a college search tip that you should adhere to.

The first thing that you need to do in this process of finding the right fit is to get a hold of your academic profile (your GPA, Class Rank and your PSAT/SAT/ACT scores) from your guidance counselor/college adviser and your financial profile (your EFC). Use to get your EFC or you can use to calculate your EFC. Once you have these two items, you can then do a realistic and practical college search. Most

Study Tips for Success

I have been a student all my life be it formally or informally. Formally, I attended 6 years of primary education and four years of secondary education. Beyond that I did four years of teacher education and in all these areas i have come out tops all the time. People would always ask what my secret was as I didn’t seem to strive to remember things. I share some of those guidelines with you in this article.

Study tips

Create a calendar for study – don’t just study the subjects you like only. A calendar will help you keep a balance on which areas you may have overlooked. I would recommend that those areas that are weak and of little interest to you are the very areas that require your attention more.

Be diligent and disciplined to follow the calendar – Always exercise discipline to follow through what you commit to. Success in study comes out of discipline to follow your set goals. Success is not automated but a result of intentionality on the one studying.

Join a study group – It is interesting how when you share ideas about a subject it

Successful Student Tips

Education has been of great importance ever since. We have always put our hope to education as a means of making our life better. It is in this regard that every parent would try every means just to be able to send their children to school. They hoped that someday their angel will end up working in the medical or legal profession. But even as this was rooted in one’s mind and understanding, there are still some who seem not to be able to finish school. However, if successful student tips will be handed down to these students, they definitely will not fail and have a better future.

It is a wrong notion to think that those who fail from school are morons or were not suited for the course they have chosen. Well, this is not true! Each and everyone have different skills and talents and for that matter has every reason to shine. It is sometimes in the choice of a course that determines whether a person can either succeed or be unsuccessful. Of course, those who are brainy have an edge but this is not a guarantee to be victorious. If you did

How To Understand The Book Of Revelation Like A Prophecy Expert Using 10 Advanced Tips

It is God’s desire for us to have a working knowledge of the prophecies through a meaningful Bible study on Revelations. Contrary to what some believe, this book of prophecy is not a sealed book; as the name suggests, it is intended to reveal information about future events in a systematic and cohesive manner. Here are some tips that you can use to guide you to a better understanding of this very important book of the Bible.

1. Pray and ask God for guidance (James 1:5): In recognition of the need for divine enlightenment, the Psalmist entreated the Lord saying, “Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.” Ps. 119:18. At the start of each Bible study breathe a word of prayer to the Lord for guidance.

2. Do not try to interpret any of the symbols in the book of Revelations: Allow the scriptures to provide all solutions. Remember, interpretation belongs only to God, and no prophecy is of any private interpretation. Gen. 40:8; 2Pet. 1:20

3. In your Bible study on Revelations, accept the biblical interpretations of the symbols exactly as stated in the scriptures: Do not